All of us will deal with death at some point in our lives; we all know death is part of life. When that time comes, we all have decisions and choices that must be made. Most of the families we serve will first choose between a traditional funeral with burial, or cremation. From that point forward there are still a multitude of, choices, decisions, and arrangements that must be dealt with. That is where your funeral director comes into play. Families who’s loved ones arrangements have been pre-arranged are ALWAYS appreciative to that loved one, and less stressed, than those who did not. Their focus and their time can now turn to family and friends, and place the responsibility of carrying out their wishes on their funeral director. There are also many advantages to pre-paying the cost of your choices in advance, please understand, you do not have to pre-pay in order to pre-arrange. We would welcome the opportunity to sit down with you to discuss your wishes, in a non-intimidating, no cost, no pressure setting.


If cremation does become your or a family members choice, please be assured we do not use an outside source to carry out cremations, all cremations are performed right here in Lowndes County, by our “in-house” certified/licensed staff. Due to our proximity to other structures, Mississippi law states our funeral home is not allowed to have an on-site crematory. At the same time, we do not desire to perform “on-site” cremations while other non-cremation services are being carried out here at the funeral home.

One might think, because of our superior facilities, our location and our dedicated licensed and support staff, we would charge more for our services. The good news is, we don’t. Our fees are competitive and our staff is available 24/7 to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.

Thank you for allowing us to serve,

Craig Summerford
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